Adventure in Pakistan

Northern areas of Pakistan offer some of the best adventure opportunities in the world. The mighty Karakorum, the Himalaya and the Hindukush which dominate the northern areas and Khyber Pakhtunkhawa are truly spectacular, and offer a big range of mountain climbing opportunities, including hiking and trekking covering all tastes of adventure, from day treks to month’s long trekking tours in Pakistan.

The most mountainous regions of Pakistan are still undiscovered; the region is far away from the main populated areas of Pakistan and that is why it still has a pleasant atmosphere. Unlike India and Nepal, adventure in Pakistan is so far completely free of crowds and pollution. As a matter of fact Pakistan is yet to be explored by the adventure lovers and is full of adventure and excitement for the years to come.

Aside from the natural beauty of these spectacular mountains, peaceful and unspoiled solitude they offer, perhaps the most learning aspect of adventure in mountains is its people who inhabit this beautiful and yet in harsh environment of the northern areas are friendly, hospitable and open in a way which seems to be characteristic of mountain people throughout the world in Pakistan. The Northern area has a fascinating variety of cultures, moving from one valley to the other one can witness the entire change in traditions, language and life style and is the one and only region for mountain expeditions.


Classification of Mountain Adventure Zones
Open Zone:
The most treks fall in the category of open zone which means that you do not require an official permission and can be independently organized without a guide.

Restricted Zone:
For restricted zones you need an official permit for trekking in Pakistan or mountain climbing in Pakistan and also require a licensed trekking guide. The permit may be obtained from the ministry of tourism in Islamabad. Normally all the treks are clearly elaborated whether they fall in restricted or not. Restricted zone include 48 kilometers from the international borders of Pakistan, (16 km from Azad Kashmir and Chitral side). These zones are subject to change therefore it is advisable to check it once again before setting off on a trek.

Closed Zone:
This category of zone falls mostly in the politically and militarily sensitive areas of bordering areas of Pakistan, for example Siachin glacier area close to the disputed line of control with India. They are off limits to trekkers unless they can establish a justifying reason for trekking in closed zone and local tour operator may help in solicitation of your case to the authorities (subject to permission).


Trekking in Pakistan:
As Pakistan is a paradise for trekking in Pakistan and offer you a huge variety of treks but it is important that you choose a right trek. The regions like Kohistan, Dir and Swat valley where people from centuries are living tribal life and banditry is norm from ages and in some places remain the same even today’s Pakistan, therefore trekking in these regions should have properly managed when planning trekking in Pakistan. Diamer valley has some beautiful treks like Around Nanaga Parbat but it is advisable not to take these treks without the local guide/ tour operator.  Diamer valley has become a popular trekker’s destination and the locals to some extent have started realizing that it is an essential of our regional activities and prosperity. If you are keen to trekking in Pakistan independently and without guide then lower and Upper Hunza valley, and Skardu region is recommended. Generally a guided tour for all kind of mountain adventures and for trekking in Pakistan is advised.


Mountain Climbing in Pakistan
As mountain climbing has become one of the most favorite sport in the world and now even among in Pakistanis and many of the mountain adventurers are focusing a lot on the mountain climbing in Pakistan.  Pakistan is blessed with the variety of rocks and the variety of high peaks of the world. There is variety of soft and hard climbing mountains in this country. One may say that it is paradise to the climbers for mountain climbing in Pakistan.


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