Customs Regulations

Alcohol is not admitted into Pakistan and any alcohol found will be impounded. Non-Muslim tourists can buy alcohol liquor in all five star hotels without showing any permit and also from government licensed liquor shops but need to show permit before shopping. As Pakistan government and people of Pakistan is tourist friendly and bags are rarely opened.


Import Limits:
You may take 200 cigarettes, half a pint of perfume, one camera (movie), laptop and all other things of personal use.


Export Limits:
Like any other country Pakistan also encourage export, however there are some restrictions on export of antique and Ghandara statues or any other valuable antique. You may take some carpets from Pakistan with you but that may be custom paid at your home country.


Foreign Exchange:
You can take out 5000 USD but you can only change Rs.500 back into foreign currency at the airport, so best option is not to change more than you need as all major currencies like USD and Euro can be changed almost everywhere in Pakistan but if you to change rupees into your local currency then better ask the local money changer to get it changed for you (this facility is only in major cities).


Airport Tax:
Generally, all air tickets bought from Pakistan include airport tax but the tickets bought from overseas require airport tax to be paid at airport (around 10 USD – subject to change).