Faisalabad Travel Guide

Tourist Attractions in Faisalabad


Faisalabad Clock Tower
The Faisalabad Clock Tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. This clock tower is also known as Ghantaghar in Urdu or in local dialect. It is one of the oldest monuments from the British Raj era, still standing in its original condition. It was built by the British, when they ruled much of the Sub-Continent during the nineteenth century. The locals refer to it as "GentaGhar" (Urdu) which translates into Hour House in English.


Sindbad Amusement Park
Sindbad is a popular amusement park in Faisalabad for the whole family entertainment. It is located near the Iqbal Stadium that is used for national and international cricket matches. The park has indoor bumper cars and large gaming arcade facility for the people of all ages.


Jinnah Garden
The Jinnah Garden or the company bagh is a yet another important tourist attraction in the city. The park also contains the tomb of H.E Sir Charles James Loyall, the founder of this city. Formerly the city was named after his name.


Faisalabad Hockey Stadium
you love to play Hockey or you just love watching the game then do visit the famous Faisalabad Hockey Stadium which is located at Susan Road, a major shopping and restaurant area. It is a multi-use stadium in Faisalabad and is currently used mostly for field hockey matches, as Faisalabad has produced the finest players for Pakistan Hockey team.


Rex City
The Rex City is the second largest computer market of Punjab located near SaleemiChowk, Satyana Road Faisalabad. This is the must visit place for all the tourists coming to the city. It is a famous shopping hub of IT related products.


Qaisery Gate
Qaisery gate was built in the year 1857 under the commission of the British Raj which is very famous site of Faisalabad. The gate original markings can still be seen at the top with the name and the date of when constructed.


Gumti Water Fountain
The Gumti Water Fountain is another monuments still preserved from the British Empire and a popular tourist attraction in Faisalabad. It was built during the early nineteenth century and is a general meeting place of the city folk for local town meetings.


The University of Agriculture
The University of Agriculture is a popular residential academic institution in Pakistan. The university has its rooting back to the Punjab Agriculture College which was founded in the year 1906 and then the college was upgraded to University on 1st of November 1961. Since then the institute has carried the responsibilities of teaching, research and short courses as major areas of its academics. Today in the era of advanced technology, the University of Agriculture in Faisalabad has groomed the width of its research activities and related areas the University for improving agriculture.


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