Gilgit Travel Guide

Tourist Attractions in Gilgit


There are number of monuments dedicated to the Gilgit uprising including a memorial in ChinarBagh, the municipal gardens down by the river, where the graves of two of the main players located.


Polo Matches
Polo is a very famous game for northern areas in general and for Gilgit in particular. The locals love this game very much and spend huge money on the training of horses and in raising the good quality horses. In summer there are practice matched almost every afternoon. The polo ground is located down the bazaar and easily accessible.


Kargah Buddha
Though to date to the seventh or eighth century, and showing marked similarities to Tibetan carvings found in Baltistan, this is evidence that Tibetan pilgrims were often on the way to Ghandara Kingdom (cradle of Buddhist civilization).


Old Suspension Bridge
It is one of the largest suspension bridges in Asia. It is right at the end of the bazaar from the airport end. It also gives an opportunity to capture a spectacular view of Gilgit River and the valley.


Sightseeing & Excursions

  1. Half day excursion for Kargah Buddha and then visit local bazaar and old suspension bridge.
  2. Full day jeep excursion for Naltar.
  3. Full day jeep excursion to Bagrot.
  4. Half day excursion to see Nanga Parbat.