Hunza Travel Guide

Tourist Attractions in Hunza


The heart of tourism attractions in Pakistan is Karimabad – this would not be exaggeration if I say that Karimabad is the heart of tourism attractions in the world. Karimabad is a delightful village surrounded by 3 lofty peaks above 7000m (Rakaposhi 7788m, Diran 7200m, Ultar 7388m). Panoramic views across the Hunza and Nagar valleys are spectacular. Generally Hunza valley is a valley full of colors throughout the year but Autumn season (month of October) has more colors than other seasons whereas spring in Hunza brings a wonderful cherry blossom and travel to Hunza between (15 April – 15 May) is recommended to see cherry blossom in Hunza valley.


Baltit Fort
Located on a large rocky outcrop at the base of the Ultar glacier, Baltit fort was the second residence of the rulers (Mirs) of Hunza which is now converted to a preserved heritage of Hunza. Baltit fort (about 700 years old) gives a spectacular view from its roof top. The fort was a part of dowry in the shape of masons and labor came with the princess from Skardu after she got married to the prince of Hunza. It has more Tibetan colors in its architect. Prince Karim Agha Khan took over the charge of renovation and after six years of work it was reopened in 1997 – visit of Baltit fort is must when travel to Hunza. Opening timing: 0900-1300 and 1400-1730. Entry fee for foreigners is Rs.200.


Altit Fort
Altit fort (about 800 years old) was the first residence of the rulers of Hunza which is now under renovation. A one and half kilometer walk to the east takes you to the charming village of Altit. Located on a cliff alongside of river Hunza was once a check post to have control on silkroute caravans and also said that the caravans had to pay taxes. There is a nice walk into the preserved village of Altit adjacent to the fort. There is also a garden of white apricots at the entry point of the fort which is known for the best taste around.


Hiking around
Travel to Hunza is not unique to see the scenic beauty but equally good for hikers - one can have number of walking options around Karimabad by walking down to Altit village or scrolling through the bazaar towards Agha Khan Academy and then further Hussainabad. You can also take numerous water channels to walk around. The people of Hunza are hospitable and will always welcome you while walking around.


Ultar glacier trek
It is a kind of soft adventure, can be extended to a day long trip but almost 4 hours require for this trek. The main Ultar peak (7388m) is one of the lowest unclimbed peaks. It has also a fearsome reputation and has claimed three Japanese lives. Please keep in your mind that the level of glacier water is lower in the morning and higher in the evening time when you return from the trek.


In recent years Duikar has become one of the top attractions and is worth seeing when travel to Hunza valley. It offers some of the finest views in the whole of Hunza valley. Local jeep drivers offer you early morning ride from Karimabad to Duikar to have sunrise scene at Rakaposhi (provided the day is clear). A two hours hike to Husht, further to the west of Duikar above Baltit fort provides a spectacular view over KKH, as well as across to Golden Peak.


Books: Hunza is a remote area; therefore don’t expect big fashion houses in this locality. Baltit Book Centre has books on local subjects and Baig Book Stall has some maps and books on history. Travel to Hunza with the help of Hunza guide books will save your time and money.

Carpets: ThreadnetHunzaCarpet? is a part of Karakorum Handicraft Development Program (KHDP) and being run under the umbrella of AKRSP (Agha Khan Rural Support Program), so shopping through the project funded shops is similar shopping in a charity shops. There is variety of products available in these shops.Hunza Carpet shop in the main Bazaar offers natural stone color carpets.

Handicrafts:? Hunza Art Museum shop located in the main bazaar is famous for stones and other handicrafts.
Gems: There are many stone selling shops that have good credibility but there are also false stone selling shops, so it needs to be careful before shopping the precious stones.


Sightseeing & Excursions

  1. Half day city tour of Karimabad visiting Baltit and Altit forts, afternoon visit local bazaars.
  2. Half day excursion to Nagar valley and see Hoper glacier.
  3. Full day excursion to Gulmit and trekking alongside Passu glacier.
  4. Full day excursion for Nagar 1 and then trekking for Rakaposhi base camp.