Hyderabad Tours

The strategic location of Hyderabad, formerly at the apex of the Indus delta, has been recognized by all invading armies from those of Mohammad bin Qasim in 711 AD, to the British forces of Charles Napier in 1843. Today, Hyderabad is Pakistan’s fourth largest city, and a center of industrial production. Almost 12 percent of Sindh’s urban population lives in Hyderabad. It also acts as a gateway to the Thar Desert, along Pakistan’s international border with India.


Sightseeing Tours

  1. Sightseeing tour of city visiting Hyderabad fort, local bazaar, museum
  2. Half day excursion for Miani Forest
  3. Half day excursion for Sehwan Sharif (Sufi Saint)
  4. Full day excursion for Ranni Kot Fort (the largest fort of Pakistan and one of the largest in world)
  5. Full day excursion to Hala
  6. Full day excursion to Umarkot