Islamabad Travel Guide

Tourist Attractions in Islamabad


Margalla Hills/ DamneKoh
Magalla Hills are the foot hills of Himalaya. In order to protect fauna & flora and make Islamabad the most beautifull city of Asia, the Margalla hills are designated as National Park. The hills offer the numerous opportunities for the hikers. One can witness the monkeys roaming in the hills. Taking dinner in Kashmirwala’s restaurant at Margalla Hills (DamneKoh) could be a wonderful experience in Islamabad. It gives an magnificent view of Islamabad at night.


Saidpur Village
Saidpur village is situated at the foots of Margalla hills and at the end of planned city (F-6 sector) of Islamabad. It is famous for pottery making home based workshops and is a sketch of old layout of Islamabad


Faisal Mosque
Faisal Mosque is a gift from the people of Saudi Arabia to the people of Pakistan and also a symbol of strong friendship. King Faisal of Saudi Arabia was the main source of the funding of 50 million dollars. It started in 1976 and finished in 1988. This is the largest mosque in Asia and can accommodate 100.000 people in the mosque. The architect of this mosque is Turkish, named (Veedat) and design symbolizes a tent in a desert. Faisal Mosque is a top tourist attraction in Islamabad.


Shakarparian is situated at low hills in the south side of Islamabad. The first stone of Islamabad in 1961 was laid on this view point, since then it has been converted into a very popular picnic resort for the locals. It is forested and gives an overview of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. There are various snack bars and restaurants at the view point.


LokVirsa Museum
To the south of Shakarparian, surrounded by nature, about a kilometer away is LokVirsa museum. It reflects the culture from all over Pakistan, the past and today’s life style, combination of old and new art and craft. It also acts as a folk heritage institute and training avenue for the art students. It has a vast variety of collections in handicrafts, textile, art work, paintings, jewelry, musical instruments, pottery and costumes etc.
Timings: 08:30 to 14:00 (Friday closed)


Natural History Museum
Very close to LokVirsa museum is Natural History museum. This museum is organized by the world famous archeologist Professor Dani and is full of interest for museum lovers.
Timings: 08:30 to 14:00 (Friday closed)


Barri Imam
Though it is not a touristic place but to understand the real culture of the area it is essential to visit the tombs of the Saints who play a vital role in the life of inhabitants. HazratBarri Imam is one of the old Muslim descendants who spread Islam in this area and has great respect in the hearts of the people of this region. On every Thursday there are thousands of devotees to pay tribute to the Sufi Baba.


Jinnah Super, Super Market, Blue Area and F-10 Markaz are the main shopping areas of Islamabad. For textile and embroidery work Threadline Gallery in Super market is the best shop in the city, for the best collection of carpets you may visit Afghan Carpets in Super market and for general handicrafts Pakistan Commercial Arts in Blue Area is the best choice.


Sightseeing & Excursions

  1. Full day sightseeing tour of Islamabad and Rawalpindi visiting Shakarparian, Faisal mosque, truck paintings workshop, after lunch visit Rawalpindi old bazaars
  2. Full day excursion for Taxila, visit Museum, sites, after lunch see GurdwaraPanja Sahib at Hassan Abdal, also visit Wah Garden
  3. Full day excursion for Rohtas Fort
  4. Full day excursion to Khewra Salt Mine
  5. Full day excursion for Murree and Bhurbon