Kaghan Travel Guide

Tourist Attractions in Kaghan


Kawai, Shogran, Batakundi, Kaghan and Naran, the names of the places in the picturesque valley of Kaghan have a musical quality, an out of this world magic about them. Its mountains, dales, lakes, water-falls, streams and glaciers are still in a pristine state. Kaghan is at its best during summer (from May to September). In May the temperature ranges between a maximum of 11 °C and a minimum of 3 °C. From the middle of July up to the end of September the road beyond Naran Valley is open right up to Babusar Pass. Movement is restricted during the monsoon and winter seasons. The Kaghan area can be reached by road via the towns of Balakot, Abbottabad and Mansehra. In Balakot, one may find buses and other transports to reach Kaghan or Naran Village.


The road from Balakot ascends along the Kunhar River through lovely forests and the villages of Paras, Shinu, Jared and Mahandri. The valley is somewhat narrow along this stretch and the views are limited but as you ascend, the surrounding peaks come into view. One spot that is quite famous for its spectacular view and scenery is 'Shogran'. This village, surrounded by peaks and forests, is east of the main Kunhar River. It hosts the famous Siri Payee Lake mountain with breathtaking views at its top.


Sightseeing & Excursions

  1. Half day excursion for SaifulMaluklake, and afterward visit local bazaar.
  2. Half day excursion to Lalazar.
  3. Full day excursion for Babusar Pass (4000m).