Karachi Tours

From modest beginnings as the old fishing village of Kalachi-jo-goth at the mouth of the Indus, Karachi has grown into a mega-city, ranking amongst the greatest metropolis in the world. As capital of Sind Province and former capital of Pakistan, Karachi represents the country’s major commercial, industrial, financial and educational Centre, as well as having the premier port and international airport.


As the main international gateway, Karachi provides most visitors with their first contact with Pakistan. Don’t be put off by first impressions, and in particular don’t judge the city (or indeed the whole country) by the rapacious taxi-drivers who will greet you at the airport. Karachi does not have to be the type of place to get into, and then get out of, as quickly as possible. True, it cannot compete with Lahore for historical attractions or with Peshawar for atmosphere, but it is certainly worth a few days of anybody’s time.


Sightseeing Tours

  1. Full day Sightseeing tour of Karachi visiting Quaid’s tomb, Dhobi Ghat, Chaukunddi, Defence Mosque, museum, and Clifton beach
  2. Full day excursion for Thattha to see the historical mosque Shah Jehan and Makli tombs
  3. Half day excursion for Bambhore
  4. Full day excursion to Moenjo Daro (BY AIR/ 30 minutes flight)
  5. Half day excursion to Chokundi, also visit Quaid’s tomb