Pakistan Tours

Pakistan as Asia’s best kept secret is about to be revealed. Now that some of the countries of the region are as firmly established as major tourist destinations, more and more travelers are looking to Pakistan as the unspoiled and less crowded tourist destination of South Asia. As a matter of fact, Pakistan deserves the title to be claimed as Pakistan truly Asia.It needs lot of pages to cover the whole variety of attractions in Pakistan but we have briefly tried to describe some of the main featured tour packages in this website.

Pakistan is a land of contrast, not only in terms of landscapes, languages, cultures and people, but also in different ethnic groups, clothing and cuisine, in other words it is several countries rolled into one. Thus, it is important to understand the best time for Pakistan Tours and require more time to explore the depth of the richness of its hidden treasures. Travelers to Pakistan are all agreed upon one thing that there is no match of warmth and hospitality offered by the people of Pakistan anywhere else. The international media often paints a negative picture of extremism, violence and danger, but nevertheless the number of travelers to Pakistan is ever increasing.


There is so much contrast in this land that one can see the sandy beaches of Karachi, Cholistan Desert, the plains of Punjab and the snow-covered peaks in just two weeks tour. As the meeting point of the Karakoram, Himalaya and Hindukush ranges and the north of Pakistan encompasses soaring rocky mountains, ice and snow, huge sweeping glaciers and lofty plateaus. Here is the highest concentration of peaks over 7000 meters anywhere on globe, including K2 the second highest and four more 8000 meters out of fourteen highest in the world. There are also high pastures carpeted in summer with grass and flowers, rich forests and dazzling islands of fertile irrigated green amidst the bare rock. Whatever the immediate surroundings, this country is undeniably one of breathtaking and unforgettable beauty of the world.