Peshawar Tours

Peshawar’s origins are unclear, the earliest written record, a Kharoshti rock inscription at Ara, near Attock, dated 119 AD, referred to it as Poshapura meaning ‘city of flowers’. The Kul Shan King Kanishka is thought to have moved his winter capital from Pushkalavati to Peshawar, at which time the city became a major pilgrimage center. Various Buddhist sites have been identified with locations in the modern-day city, the most important being Shah-ji-ki-Dheri, site of the Kanishka Vihara, a large monastery and stupa complex. The site was excavated by the archeologist Spooner in 1907 that discovered the famous bronze reliquary casket of Kanishka, now on display in Peshawar Museum. Nothing remains of the site itself.


Sightseeing Tours

  1. Half day sightseeing tour of Peshawar city visiting museum and old bazaars
  2. Half day excursion for historical Khyber Pass
  3. Half day excursion for Darra Adam Khel
  4. Half day excursion to Takht Bhai