Peshawar Travel Guide

Tourist Attractions in Peshawar


BalaHisar Fort
BalaHisar fort built around 1540 AD by the Moghul Kings (Babur). The fort was the first defense for Indian Sub-continent to stop the central Asian invaders. Like many other forts in Pakistan this fort is also occupied by the Pak military and the visit for the general public is not allowed.


SheikhanDheri, once capital city of Bactrian Greeks (old name: Pushklawati), is about 20 km from Peshawar towards Charsadda city. Just 200 meters before the bridge (entry point of city) turn left on the bend and from there a kilometer are the mounds full of pottery lying around.


Khyber Pass Excursion
About 60 km from the city is the historical Khyber Pass. From Hayatabad (outskirts of the city) we enter into FATA (federally administered area), not controlled by the provincial government. In other words Pakistan constitution does not apply in this frontier terrain. Visit to KP is subject to permission and is to be escorted by the local authorities.


QissaKhawani Bazar
The bazaar is one of the main attractions of Peshawar. Walking tour through the old bazaars takes you about a thousand year back, the smells of spices, cinnamons and other dry fruits give you a characteristic life style of Pakhtuns. QissaKhawani (literally means: story tellers) and you still find some people sitting there and telling the fortune to the folk. You may also include the visit of Mohabbat Khan Mosque and Gold Bazaar.


Peshawar Museum
Peshawar museum was initially a cultural/ theater center built and run by then British folk in the region. Later on it was converted into a Museum which is now know having the best collections of Ghandhara Art. It is very important to visit this museum while being in Peshawar. Entry fee for foreigners is about 4 USD. Normally closed on every Wednesday but on special request it can be visited on Wednesday as well.


Tomb of Rehman Baba
Despite the harsh tribal life, Rehman Baba through his poetry gave the message of love and peace. He is also known as the Nightingale of Peshawar. He is also a highly respected Sufi Saint of the region. When visiting ShahjikiDheri, it is just a kilometer away from there.


You have a great opportunity to buy the old Afghan jewelry (a part of Gold Bazaar), and also spices and gold jewelry. You can also purchase some of the finest collections of carpets (Carpet Palace is the best shop in Saddar bazaar). In Saddar bazaar (modern) you also find book shops, clothing and all other general shopping.


Sightseeing & Excursions

1.Half day sightseeing tour of Peshawar city visiting museum and old bazaars.
2.Half day excursion for historical Khyber Pass.
3.Half day excursion for Darra Adam Khel.

4.Half day excursion to TakhtB