Shogran Travel Guide

Tourist Attractions in Shogran

Shogran (2,362 meters) is one of loveliest locations in the Kaghan Valley, and despite some constructions of summer resorts the area remains remarkably unspoilt. Indeed for domestic tourists it is the Pine Park Resort itself that offers the greatest attractions. The views from Shogran are superb, especially if you walk up for two hours through the pine and Seder forests to the high summer pastures at SiriPaiye. SiriPaiye is one of the best camping places in Pakistan along with breathtaking landscapes. To the south are views of Makra Peak (3883 metres) while to the north is Malika Parbat (5291 meters) the highest mountain of the Kaghan valley. The peak was first climbed in 1890 by CG Bruce and then the north face by Capt BW Battye in 1920. The most visitors like to wander through the fragrant pine and sedor forests or stroll through the flowers in the lush green meadows around.

Apart from Pine Park Resort there are number of smaller guest houses to cater the walk in guests but it is recommended not to travel to Shogran without prior hotel bookings to Shogran.


Sightseeing & Excursions

  1. There is beautiful walk through the Pine Forest surrounded your place
  2. Full day excursion to Siri&Paye and have picnic lunch at the top