Swat Travel Guide

Tourist Attractions in Swat


Mingora/ Saidu Sharif
Mingora and Saidu Sharif are the twin towns of Swat valley, Mingora is an old town where all the bazaars and cheaper hotels are located whereas Saidu Sharif is the capital of Swat district. Together they form the largest trade centre; Mingora in particular has become the largest urban centre of the valley.


Tourist attractions in Migora/ Saidu Sharif
Swat Museum: Its foundation was laid by the Govt of Pakistan but refurbished in 1994 with the help of cultural grant from the Govt of Japan. This museum is beautifully laid out and well worth a visit. This museum contains of the precious Gandharan Buddhist statues which reflect clearly the remarkable range of styles, from Oriental through to Graeco-Roman which evolved during this period in this area.


Shrine of Saidu Baba
The shrine of HazratSaidu Baba (The Akhund of Swat) is a popular place to be visited in this valley. The shrine is housed in the marble courtyard of a mosque, tucked away among the narrow alleys between Marghazar road and Aqba road.


Butkara 1
This site is located in Saidu Sharif. Identified as the monastery of T’a-lo mentioned by the Chinese pilgrim Sung Yun in 520 AD (also known as Gulkada/ Butkara) is the most visited site in Swat valley. Butkara 3 is just on walking distance from Butkara1.


Marghazar (White Palace)
Marghazar is 14 kms from Saidu Sharif. This used to be the summer residence of Wali Swat (the ruler family) which has now been converted into a hotel. This hotel is generally suitable for conferences but there is also nice residence for the tourists, at least one should take a half day excursion to lunch over there.


Salam Pur
Salam Pur is a very good centre for hand woven cotton and wool shawls, blankets and other embroidery work. The tourists may get the handicrafts in cheaper prices than the bigger cities. It is about 4 to 5 kms from Saidu Sharif.


Sightseeing & Excursions

  1. Visit the twin cities (Saidu Sharif and Mingora), see Butkara, Swat museum and bazzars.
  2. Full day excursion for Kalam (upper Swat valley).
  3. Full day excursion to Miandam.